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SPAIN: New online gaming licenses granted today

The General Directorate of Gaming (“DGOJ”) has just granted today, 2 June 2015, the gambling licenses. The decision has been communicated to the gambling operators through an e-mail sent to the representative for notification purposes with a link to the DGOJ’s electronic site. Operators just have to log-in in their electronic accounts to know if the requested licenses have been granted.

As a result of this first call for tender, that took place in early June 2012, 53 operators were legally entitled to offer their games according to the new Spanish regulatory framework. We assume that the DGOJ will post more information in connection with the results of the second call for tender and the granting of gambling licenses but, until then, we will have to wait to have a picture of the present Spanish regulated market.

Spain: Tutorial on Responsible Gaming

Due to the next granting of gambling licenses on next 2 June, the Spanish General Directorate for the Regulation of Gaming Activities (DGOJ) has published on its website a promotional video for Responsible Gaming. The DGOJ is aware that, with the granting of licenses, new game types are launched (such as slots) and has therefore posted a video explaining the main aspects to be considered  for configuring a gambling session.

SPAIN: On 2 June 2015 operators will finally obtain their new online licenses

The DGOJ (Spanish General Directorate for the Regulation of Gaming Activities) has announced through its website that on 2 June 2015 the decision in connection with the granting of gambling licenses will be published.

As already mentioned in our previous blog post, on 31 October 2015 the second call for tender was launched in Spain. Since then, the DGOJ has been requesting information from gambling operators and inviting them to rectify the information provided as well as the technical issues detected in order to comply with the Spanish Gambling legislation. Finally, we have known today that the DGOJ will notify gambling operators which will finally obtain their licenses for exploiting gambling activities in Spain. It is important to highlight that on the second call for tender, 19 gambling operators have presented in total 27 requests for general gambling licenses (12 of the aforementioned gambling operators had never previously obtain a general license granted by the DGOJ) and a total of 33 for singular gambling licenses.

We will have to wait until 2 June 2015 to know which gambling operators have successfully obtained their licenses in the second call for tender.

Spain: Guidelines for biennial audits

The DGOJ (Spanish General Directorate for the Regulation of Gaming Activities) has published today through its website the Guidelines on the biennial audit for online licensed operators’ technical systems. Note that this will be the first time that operators which obtained their licenses back in June 2012 will have to carry out this biennial audit on their technical systems, being therefore the Guidelines published today of great importance for those licensed operators.

Operators will have a time period of six (6) months since there technical systems were homologated to carry out this biennial technical audit. Therefore operators which obtained their licenses on a provisional basis on June 2012 and there technical systems were afterwards homologated on April 2013 will have a six (6) month time period, starting now on April 2015 to submit to the DGOJ the biennial audit report.

The two documents published today are (i) the Guidelines containing the technical and operative instructions on how to develop this technical biennial audit, as well as format andminimun content of the audit report, and (ii) an Excel document containing the list of functionality requirements that shall be verified.

Draft Spanish Royal Decree on gambling advertising activities

Today it has been published by the Spanish Gambling Authorities (Dirección General de Ordenación el Juego– “DGOJ”) the draft version of the Royal Decree on gambling advertising activities.

This draft Spanish Royal Decree will be subject to public comments until next 17 April 2015, therefore operators or interested parties within the industry are entitled to provide the DGOJ with their comments until 17 April 2015. You will be able to find the Spanish version of this Draft Spanish Royal Decree here.

Spain: The Senate promotes the regulations of online gaming advertising

By: Paula González de Castejón

The long awaited Spanish Regulation on Responsible Advertising and  Online Gambling is currently undergoing a legislative process. All the political groups present in the Spanish Senate have recently brought a joint motion in order to request the Spanish Government to immediately start processing said Regulation. Read the rest of this entry »

Spain: New deadline for renewal of singular online gambling licenses

Author: Paula Gonzalez de Castejon 

The Spanish Gambling Authority (Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego-DGOJ) has just published (16 January 2015) a guideline with the procedures for the renewal of the singular online gambling licenses that where granted in 2012 with an initial validity of three years (specifically singular online licenses for the development and operation of fixed-odds horse racing betting, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack).

As all the singular online licenses were granted on 1 June 2012, according to the guideline and the gambling regulations, the renewal request for the above mentioned singular online licenses shall be filed before the DGOJ no later than 1 February 2015. In order to seek the renewal, operators must attest (i) that they have been exploiting the singular licenses for a minimum time period, and (ii) that they have maintained the technical conditions that where homologated by DGOJ in 2012.  

Operators failing to submit the renewal request on time shall have to stop operating by 1 June 2015.

SPAIN: Finally the market is re-opened

By Andrea Batalla and Jorge Monclús, DLA Piper Spain.

Today has been published in the Spanish Official Gazette the resolution launching the call for tender for obtaining new general licenses for exploiting gambling activities in Spain.

This means that within the next 30 working days, interested parties can apply for obtaining new general licenses. Consequently, the deadline for submitting the corresponding applications will be December 9, 2014 at 13.00 CET.

Moreover, the ministerial orders regulating slots and exchange betting have also entered into force by means of this publication and therefore, the applications can from now on be filed. It is important to highlight that the application of singular licenses is no subject to any time restrictions, meaning that licensed operators/applicants can submit singular licenses applications at any time from tomorrow.

Spain: New technical resolutions

The opening of the Spanish market is getting closer. Today new technical resolutions have been published at the Spanish Official Gazette. In particular, the resolutions are the followings:

  • Resolution developing the technical specifications to be fulfil by the technical systems (available -in Spanish- here).
  • Resolution establishing the template for the definitive certification reports and developing the procedure for substantial changes (available -in Spanish- here); and
  • Resolution establishing the templates for the preliminary certification reports and for the certification report about the internal control system (available -in Spanish- here).

The next step should be the publication of the new call for tender, which should happen in the following days or weeks. We will keep you updated on this.

Webinar on the New Spanish Gambling Market

The Spanish gambling market is about to live two very relevant developments: its re-opening for new entrants as well as the introduction of new and long-time-awaited games. Spain is one of the most relevant markets for online gambling operators in Europe, which should be growing significantly in the next future due to these new features.

DLA Piper Spain is delighted to invite you to a 1 hour webinar, focusing on the most relevant issues anyone present or interested in the Spanish market must know regarding these important developments.

The webinar will take place on September 24, 2014, from 3.00 to 4.00pm GMT.

The session will be presented in English by members of our Gambling Group and chaired by Albert Agustinoy.

We hope you can join us.

Click here if you would like to attend this session

New step for Spanish Market re-opening

By Jorge Monclús and Paula González de Castejón

Following the publication the Spanish Official Gazette of the decrees regulating online slots and exchange betting, a new step has been taken by publishing in the Spanish authorities’ website relevant information about the new call for tender.

In particular, it has been published the draft version of the new call for tender for general and singular licenses as well as technical drafts documents, that will be applicable.

The Spanish version of these drafts are available at:

By means of the publication of these drafts, the Spanish authorities gives the interested parties until September 10th to file comments on these draft resolutions. Once comments are received, a final version will be approved. Its publication in the Spanish Official Gazette will finally open the Spanish market.

Spain: the decrees on slots and exchange betting are approved

By Paula González de Castejón and Jorge Monclús, DLA Piper Spain

Today the Spanish authorities have finally published in the Spanish Official Gazette the decrees regulating online slots and exchange betting.

Those decrees are available (in Spanish) herein:

Both decrees will not enter into force until a new tender re-opening the market has been officially called by the Spanish authorizes. This means that the possibility for applying for the singular licenses for slots by already licensed operators will not exist until the said tender is officially launched by the Spanish authorities.

It is important to notice that both decrees finally approved are aligned with the draft decrees published on March 2014 (which were analyzed in our previous entry).

Some of the modifications included in the final versions of the decrees were proposed by the operators during the process of public comments opened by the Spanish authorities. In addition, some other amendments have been introduced by the Spanish authorities in order to increase the protection of players and to improve responsible gambling measures.

Spain: Opening of the tender for the BCN World gambling resort

By Albert Agustinoy and Elisa Lorenzo, DLA Piper Spain

On June, 13, 2014 the regional gambling authorities of Catalonia (“Direcció General de Tributs i Joc“) officialy adopted the (long-time awaited) call for tender for launching the so-called BCN World gambling resort. Under the said call, gambling operators are invited to apply for an authorization to develop and operate a number of casinos in Salou (in Southern Catalonia).

Read the rest of this entry »

Spain: New AML regulations have been approved

By Bartolomé Martín (DLA Piper Spain)

Yesterday the Spanish Official National Gazette published a new regulation developing the Spanish AML legislation (Royal Decree 304/2014, of 5 May 2014, approving the regulation developing Law 10/2010, of 28 April 2010, on prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing). This new regulation develops and clarifies many issues connected with AML matters affecting all regulated entities and, therefore, gambling operators.

Read the rest of this entry »

Spain: The authorities disclose more information on the new licensing process

By Albert Agustinoy (DLA Piper Spain)

As mentioned in a previous post, today the DGOJ has held a meeting with the licensed operators in order to inform them on its next major regulatory developments. Namely, such developments are: (i) the status and likely timings for approval connected with the draft decrees on slots and betting exchange; and (ii) the procedural steps that will be taken in order to articulate the re-opening of the market.

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Spain: More clarity on new games and the re-opening of the market should be coming soon…

By Albert Agustinoy (DLA Piper Spain)

The Spanish regulator has confirmed today that it will be holding a public meeting early next week (namely, on April 29) in order to provide more information on the process of approval of the regulations that will introduce slots and betting exchange  as well as on the process of re-opening of the market for new licensed operators.

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eGaming Summit in Gibraltar, will be there!

As last year, the DLA Piper gambling law team will be attending the KPMG eGaming Summit in Gibraltar on the 3rd of April and will hold a gaming law session where Steve Ketteley (our UK gambling law expert) will moderate the discussion among Albert Agustinoy (our Spanish gambling law experrt), Patrick Schwarzbart (our German gambling law expert) and myself, Giulio Coraggio (our Italian gambling law expert)! Read the rest of this entry »

Spain: The draft decrees on slots and exchange betting have been notified to the European Commission

By Albert Agustinoy (DLA Piper Spain)

Pursuant to the information posted in the European Commission’s website, yesterday the Spanish authorities did notify the draft decrees on slots and exchange betting to Brussels. Such a notification is made in order to fulfill the obligations deriving from Directive 98/34. Said Directive sets forth a procedure which imposes an obligation upon the Member States to notify to the Commission and to each other all the draft technical regulations concerning products and Information Society Services before they are adopted in national law. Read the rest of this entry »

Spain: the draft decrees on slots and exchange betting are published

The Spanish authorities have finally published the draft decrees regulations online slots and exchange betting. This publication launches a public-consultation phase that will last until March 27 and during which any interested party is going to be entitled to file comments on these two draft regulations.

This publication does also confirm that the Spanish regulator will be re-opening the market for new entrants, which in the near future are going to be entitled to apply for the licenses allowing them to start operating in Spain. Read the rest of this entry »

Spain: Re-opening of the market and regulation of slots and exchange betting

By Albert Agustinoy, DLA Piper Spain

Today the Spanish media have leaked the draft decrees that the regulator has prepared in order to approve the operation of exchange betting and slot games. This appears to be the ultimate confirmation of the process of approval of these games moving forward, something that is very good news for the industry in a market that has been struggling in the last months. Read the rest of this entry »

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