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Romania: Law for the approval of GEO 92/2014 is published

The Romanian Law no. 124/2015 for the approval of GEO 92/2014 (“Law 124/2015“) was published in the Official Gazette on 9 June 2015 and enters into force 3 days after its publication.

As of the entry into force of the aforementioned law, there is a 90 days period during which operators may apply to the National Office for Gambling in order to be granted an interim right to organize and operate games of chance under Romanian jurisdiction until 31 December 2015.

Among others, Law 124/2015 includes a provision which sets forth an additional tax for past activities performed by remote gambling operators in Romania in the absence of a license and authorization.


Final text of the new Gambling Act notified to the EC

The Romanian main legislation act, as amended under GEO 92/2014, was notified in its final form to the European Commission.

The final form of the gambling law has been posted by reference to the Notification no. 2014./547/RO and without being subject to a stand still period. The text may be found at the following link, in Romanian language only:

Translation of Romanian gambling secondary legislation

Kindly note that the translation in ENG, DE and FR of the Romanian gambling secondary legislation has been made available on the EU Comission website.
Please find below link to the relevant page:


Law for the approval of EGO 92/2014 – adopted

The Law for the approval of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 92/2014 was passed today, 6 May 2015, through the final vote of the Chamber of Deputies plenary. Thus, the law has been approved with 217 favorable votes, 2 against and 97 abstentions.

In what concerns further steps, the law for the approval shall be forwarded to the Romanian President, who should promulgate it within 20 days from its receipt.

As an exception, the President may request the re-examination of the law by the Parliament and in such event, the entire process carried out in the Senate and in the Chamber of Deputies must be repeated. After re-examination, the President is bound to promulgate the law within 10 days from the day of the receipt. However, in our view, it is unlikely that the President will ask re-examination in this particular case.

We will return in the following days with an update concerning the form of the final text.

Romania: Back-Tax (an update)

As we previously reported the law for the approval of GEO 92/2014 is currently discussed in the working commissions of the Chamber of Deputies in the Romanian Parliament.

The  website of the Chamber of Deputies now publishes the approval received on the Law for the approval of GEO 92/2014 with a suggested amendment from the Legal Commission on Discipline and Immunities. Read the rest of this entry »

Romania: Steps forward in the amendment of gambling legislation

The Romanian state has made several steps forward in the process of amending Romanian gambling legislation.

As such, given that the amendments to the main gambling act were brought by way of a government emergency ordinance (“EGO 92/2014″), which entered into force on 13 February 2015, such act needs to be also passed via the Romanian Parliament who may approve it, approve it in an amended form or reject it. Read the rest of this entry »

Romania: Amendments of the Romanian Gambling Law published at the close of 2014

Just before we say goodbye to 2014, the Romanian Government has passed the Emergency Ordinance no. 92/2014 (“GEO 92/2014”) which amends Government Emergency Ordinance no. 77/2009 (“GEO 77/2009“), the main piece of legislation on gambling in Romania. GEO 92/2014 has been published today in the Official Gazette of Romania. Read the rest of this entry »

Launch of the legal on-line gambling in Romania?

A new legislative proposal with the scope of amending the main piece of legislation on gambling in Romania – Government Emergency Ordinance no. 77/2009 (“GEO 77/2009“) is under debate in the Romanian Parliament.

The legislative proposal includes several provisions with the aim to ease access of gambling operators on the market of remote gambling. We would note the motion to introduce three distinct classes of licenses to operate remote gambling. The first class of licenses is granted to remote gambling operators, the annual license fee being calculated by reference to the turnover of the operator. The second class of licenses is awarded to other legal persons involved in the field of remote gambling, as well as to conformity assessment organizations, while the third class of license is awarded to the operator of remote lottery, which constitutes state monopoly (i.e. the National Company “Romanian Lottery S.A.”). Also, a change concerning the length of the license to operate gambling from 5 to 10 years is envisaged . Fiscal easement in what concerns both the level of taxes and authorization fees but noticeably in what concerns taxation of gambling revenues at the level of players is also considered.

Although the legislative process does not benefit of an adequate level of transparency, we found from public sources that the project reached the Chamber of Deputies and that the Budget Commission of the Chamber of Deputies has provided a positive report including their proposed amendments to the draft law. Moreover, the industry has high expectations that the amendments will be adopted subsequent to the Romanian Presidential elections, to take place in November 2014.

The optimistic approach is based on the fact that the Romanian decision makers should be the first interested party in the improvement of the actual legislation, given the potential revenue to the State budget that Romania is currently missing on. The present form of the amendments are meant to remedy the flaws of the gambling regulation which isolate Romania, as no license to operate online gambling has been issued so far.

We trust the current initiative, as opposed to the previous attempts of amending the law in January 2014, will be a successful one.

We will keep you updated on the outcome of the above.

Romania: Imminent changes in the gambling regulatory regime?

“Casino Inside”, the gambling industry magazine in Romania organised yesterday (5 December) the second annual reunion of gambling professionals.  Representatives of both public authorities as well as private operators attended. Of note, the speakers included Mrs. Odeta Nestor, President of the National Gambling Office, Mr. Tudor Simota from the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Claudiu Scarlatache, Deputy Director of the Police Division for the Investigation of Frauds, Mrs. Steluta Oncica – Director at the National Office for the Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering, Sorin Constantinescu, president of the Association of Romanian Casinos and other representatives from betting associations. Read the rest of this entry »

Romania: Changes to Gambling Regulation

DLA Piper’s Gaming Team in Romania has recently produced an overview of the recent regulatory changes in the jurisdiction.

To read the DLA update please click here.

Romania: Proposed changes to gambling legislation

After more than two years during which remote gambling, although regulated, could not be legally carried out in practice due to the lack of an authorized monitoring and reporting body, Romanian authorities seem to have finally taken the initiative to remedy this situation. Read the rest of this entry »