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Prize Promotions Around the World: Launch of New Edition

The fourth edition of DLA Piper’s popular Prize Promotions Around the World online guide is now available.  The guide has been fully updated and also includes four new jurisdictions, to bring the total coverage to 39 jurisdictions.

Prize promotions (including promotional sweepstakes and skill competitions) remain a hugely popular marketing tool used globally by organisations to engage with customers. The internet and social media platforms make this an attractive, cost efficient means of reaching a large, multi-jurisdictional customer base; but it is not without its legal challenges.

This guide is designed to equip DLA Piper’s clients with a useful tool to assist with the management of the early development stages of a promotion, and to bring attention to potentially problematic issues as early in the creation process as possible.  Issues covered include legal requirements for sweepstakes and skills competitions, regulation of judges and prizes, formal requirements such as registration and translations, and penalties for non-compliance.

New features and trends

In response to client demand, this new edition of the Guide has been expanded to cover 39 jurisdictions which are among the most significant for global businesses. The new jurisdictions are Denmark, Hungary, Nigeria and Turkey.

The guide’s interactive map has also been updated, and it confirms that the extent of regulation and sanctions in this area is on the rise, with the most noticeable change being brought about by the introduction of GDPR across the European Union. GDPR extends obligations around handling promotion entrants’ personal data (e.g. for winner publicity, use of promotions to generate marketing leads and use of UGC entries containing personal data), and introduces the possibility of huge fines for breaches of those obligations.

Approach to International Prize Promotions

Marketing and legal teams of international brands are frequently tasked with rolling out cross-jurisdictional promotions in short timescales, however the variety of legal requirements across jurisdictions can make this a complex and risky endeavor.

This guide does not replace legal advice but can help to identify key issues early on in the process. A proportionate approach which takes account of the differing legal requirements, budgets, potential exposure, and co-ordinates input from the affected jurisdictions must be adopted. The DLA Piper global advertising and marketing team is uniquely well-placed to handle complex, local and multi-jurisdictional compliance projects, including prize promotions.

Access DLA Piper’s Prize Promotions Around the World

Spain: Two months left to apply for online gambling licenses


Authors: Elisa Lorenzo / Paula Gonzalez de Castejón


As announced in our previous entry in this blog, on December 2017 a resolution launching the call for tender for obtaining new general licenses for exploiting gambling activities in Spain was published on the Spanish Official Gazette. This means that the Spanish online gambling market opened to new entrants.

Nonetheless, the Spanish market will close shortly, as the deadline for submitting the corresponding applications will be 17 December 2018, and it is still uncertain when a new call for tender – allowing interested operators to enter into the Spanish market – will be launched. During this application process, the Spanish gambling regulator (the Spanish General Directorate for Gambling Affairs, the “DGOJ”) has published the gambling data for the year 2017. The figures, available here show once again that the Spanish market is a highly attractive market, which still offers relevant opportunities to operators interested in entering into this market. Those figures reveal that the total amounts bet by participants in 2017 have exceeded €2,000 million, and that, in terms of Gross Gaming Revenue, the Spanish gambling sector has increased in €560 million during 2017, which implies a 30.9% of increase from 2016.

Not only the Spanish gambling market has increased in terms of participation and GGR, it has also evolved significantly from a regulatory perspective since 2011. The Spanish gambling regulations have been amended by the Spanish regulator in the last years to permit licensed operators offering new game variants. Within 2018 it is expected that new regulations will be approved. Those new regulations will cover both the introduction of new modalities for existing games as well as of brand new games.

Therefore, it seems to be a suitable moment to think about entering into the Spanish market.

We will keep you updated on new regulatory developments in the Spanish Gambling Sector.

Global: Prize Promotions around the world

DLA Piper is pleased to announce the launch of Prize Promotions Around the World, an updated version of our previous prize promotions handbook.

Prize Promotions Around the World is an online tool designed to assist our clients across the globe with the management of the early development stages of a prize promotion (such as a sweepstake or skill-based contest), and to bring to their attention potentially problematic issues.

Key features include:

  • Additional jurisdictions, now with over 35 countries
  • Expansion of topics, including rules on judging and sanctions
  • Interactive map, highlighting the range of risk profiles in different jurisdictions

Access Prize Promotions Around the World here

Happy Data Protection Day!

To mark International Data Protection Day 2016 we would like to share with you some exciting new projects we have been working on to help you and your organisation prepare for what is expected to be an interesting year for data protection, privacy and security.

Everything you need to know about the EU Data Protection Regulation

We have launched a new microsite providing key information to help you learn more about the EU Data Protection Regulation – what it covers, the impact it is likely to have on organisations across different sectors, actions to take now to prepare, as well as regular updates and information on our webinars and events.

Access the microsite.

Data Privacy ScoreboxWeb DPD Privacy Scorebox January 2016

This is our brand new tool to help you assess your data protection maturity level.  It requires completing a survey covering areas such as storage of data, use of data, and customers’ rights. Once completed, a report summarising your organisation’s alignment with 12 key areas of global data protection is produced.  The report also includes a practical action point check list and peer benchmarking data.

Access the scorebox.


Web DPD Laws of the World Handbook January 2016


Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook

We are pleased to release the 2016 edition of our highly regarded Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook, which now covers over 80 jurisdictions. This complimentary go-to guide offers a high-level snapshot of selected aspects of data protection laws across the globe, in an easily accessible online format.

Access the handbook.



Privacy Matters Blog
You may also be interested in our Privacy Matters blog.  Our global team post regular updates on all matters related to data protection, privacy and security. In order to receive an email when a new post is made, please enter your details in the subscription section on the blog homepage.

Access the blog.

About DLA Piper’s Data Protection, Privacy and Security Group
The DLA Piper Data Protection, Privacy and Security Group includes over 150 privacy lawyers worldwide. We provide business-oriented legal advice on achieving effective compliance wherever you do business. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Going Global – Intellectual Property and Technology laws around the world

As part of its Going Global series, DLA Piper has published a guide designed to outline crucial aspects of IPT laws in 29 jurisdictions that are particularly relevant to businesses seeking to expand their operations globally. Read the rest of this entry »

DLA Piper launches Prize Promotions Across the World Handbook (2014)

DLA Piper’s global Advertising Group is pleased to present the 2014 edition of our Prize Promotions Across the World Handbook, covering 20 jurisdictions.

The purpose of this Handbook is to introduce clients to some of the key requirements surrounding prize promotions, from the management of the early stages, to issues which are potentially problematic.

This publication follows DLA Piper’s recent publication of the 3rd Edition of the Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook.

Both publications demonstrate our unrivalled platform and ability to advise clients wherever their business takes them.

To access the Prize Promotions Across the World Handbook, please click here.

All-in November

Overview of the top gambling regulatory developments in November. Read the rest of this entry »

Global gambling advertising

As the relationship between regulated gambling and advertising becomes increasingly emotive, DLA Piper’s gambling team comment on the ways in which individual jurisdictions are handling the issue (often by way of the imposition of certain restrictions or limitations on advertising).

Read Global Gambling Advertising which appeared in the September/October edition of iGaming Business.

Global: Social gaming – where next for the regulatory debate?

The debate around the regulation of social gaming trundles on.

A few months ago, it seemed that the focus had become sharper following the previous sense of hysteria that emerged after the mainstream finally woke up to what was happening. Over the Summer of 2012, we all read various statements made by politicians, regulators and the media that called for changes to laws or claimed that existing laws were already wide enough to cover the phenomenon that was “casino-style social gaming” (or whatever moniker you wished to use for games played with cards, dice or reels that did not involve a cash-out). Read the rest of this entry »

Global: Q & A on corruption in sport

Tom Russell (DLA Piper, London) recently carried out a Q&A session with World Online Gambling Law Report, on the subject of corruption in sport. You can see the results here. Read the rest of this entry »

Global: Open source software – what’s all the FOSS about?

Imran Syed (DLA Piper, London) explores some of the ways that businesses can manage the risks posed by some FOSS licences, particularly in relation to their proprietary intellectual property, allowing them to take advantage of the benefits that intelligent use of FOSS can offer. Read the rest of this entry »

Global: Data Protection Laws of the World v2

DLA Piper’s Global Data Protection and Privacy Group has recently refreshed the Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook and now launches the Second Edition. Read the rest of this entry »

Global: Rights in Data Handbook 2013

DLA Piper’s Rights in Data Handbook summarises the different types of protection which are available for data and databases in 12 key global jurisdictions including the US, China, Japan, Australia and the EU.

The handbook offers practical tips for the many businesses looking to protect and exploit their databases and will be of equal interest to those who use third party data.

 Click here to view.

Global: Tolkien Estate takes aim at the gambling industry

Branded slots has become a key part of operators’ and developers’ businesses. Following production of Lord of the Rings-branded slots, the Tolkien Estate has taken issue with the use of the author’s intellectual property in the gambling environment. Read the rest of this entry »

Global: ICANN reveals all – what should brandowners do now?

John Wilks and Damian Herrington (DLA Piper, London) follow-up on Reveal day coming soon for new gTLD applications: is someone else after your name? with details of the recent announcement by ICANN of the applications received for generic Top Level Domains (“gTLD”) and reiterate the various grounds for objection.

Read ICANN Reveals All: What should brandowners do now?

Global: Data Protection Laws of the World

DLA Piper has recently released the first edition of the Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook 2011/2012 which regular visitors to All-In may find useful. It offers a high-level snapshot of national data protection laws as they currently stand in 58 jurisdictions across the world. It provides a quick overview of the aspects of data protection law that are often of great practical significance to businesses. International data transfer restrictions, security obligations and breach notification requirements are among the topics covered.

View the Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook 2011/2012 here.

Global: reveal day coming soon for new gTLD applications: is someone else after your name?

Gina Durham (DLA Piper, Chicago) discusses the imminent announcement of new generic top-level domain (“gTLD”) and the grounds for which an application for a gTLD may be challenged.

Read Reveal day coming soon for new gTLD applications: is someone else after your name?

Global: The arrival of anti-social

In an article for May’s edition of World Online Gambling Law Report, Stephen Ketteley (DLA Piper, London) discusses the extraordinary growth of social gaming and considers how we may see regulation adapting to cope with this new entertainment genre.

Read the article