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How sharing liquidity will change the gaming market?

The debate on sharing liquidity in the online gaming market seems to finally move ahead, but what is the right approach? Read the rest of this entry »

Italy: € 500 VLT gaming fee now confirmed?

The interim claim on the € 500 million video lottery fee has been rejected by Italian courts raising the question on whether the € 200 million payment due at the end of April shall be paid. Read the rest of this entry »

ITALY: € 500M video lottery gaming tax now allocated

The additional gaming tax on video lottery and AWP licensees in Italy has now come into force and has also been allocated among licensees with surprises among operators.  Read the rest of this entry »

ITALY: New era for the betting market?

The possibility for betting shops run under a foreign gambling license (the CTDs) to be authorised to operate in Italy through a procedure set out by a recent law might open a new page in the sports betting sector.  But the number of shops that will decide to adhere to such procedure is still a question mark. Read the rest of this entry »

ITALY: VLT gaming tax, CTDs and Lotto change

€ 500 million of additional gaming taxes, an approval procedure for CTDs and a new license application process for lotto games have been approved in Italy as part of the budget law. Read the rest of this entry »

EU court validates Danish online gaming regime

The EU General Court upheld the Danish gambling regime providing for a different tax treatment between online gaming and land based gaming putting an end to a long legal battle that had side effects also in other jurisdictions. Read the rest of this entry »

Preliminary opinion on privacy and competitiveness of big data issued by EDPS

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has issued a preliminary opinion that addresses some of the issues and convergences in EU data protection, consumer protection and competition laws that are not up to date with the current development of big data. The EDPS aims to open the floor towards international regulators and experts in these fields to promote growth and innovation as well as consumers’ welfare, including a workshop in Brussels on 2 June 2014.

Recently there has been a huge growth in the marketing of “free” online services that require the provision of personal data in exchange, which calls for the need for enhanced consumer protection. Also, in markets where powerful players may refuse access to personal information and apply inconsistent privacy policies, there is a need to define the standard of consumer harm and market dominance within the anti-competition rules. The EDPS believes that these issues must be explored together with regulators and experts in this field to support consumer choice and privacy, and stimulate the market for privacy-enhancing services in Europe.

The preliminary opinion sets out the background to the digital economy, the legal framework for data protection, competition and consumer protection and the interfaces between these areas. For more information, see the link to the preliminary opinion.

Future of gaming law after meeting between regulators

Gambling regulators of France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and the UK joined last week the Italian online gambling regulator in Rome to discuss about the future of the European gambling sector that might lead to some improvements as well as some concerns especially for game suppliers. Read the rest of this entry »

Australia: Simulated gambling in South Australia’s sights

Having passed the Statutes Amendment (Gambling Reform) Act 2013 (SA) (as we have previously discussed here), the South Australian Government has now set its sights on ensuring that South Australian children are not exposed to simulated gambling in the online environment. Premier Jay Wetherill has announced his Government’s new Children, Technology and Gambling policy which is designed to keep children safe from the “onslaught of gambling-like games that are readily available online and through social media“. Read the rest of this entry »

Italy: settlement of VLT fines is coming to an end?

Lottomatica/GTech and SNAI have informed the market that they decided to settle the fines imposed on Italian videolottery concessionaires referred in this post paying an amount between 25% and 30% of fines initially awarded. Read the rest of this entry »

France: European Legal Outlook

Anne-Sophie Lampe and Jeanne Dauzier (associates at DLA Piper, France) provide an overview of the regulatory environment in France.

Read European Legal Outlook: France.