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Belgium: Aftermath of bwin blacklist judgment – practical considerations for stakeholders

Antoon Dierick (DLA Piper, Brussels) outlines the findings in’s court case against the Belgian State/Belgian Gaming Commission and discusses the practical implications of the judgment. Read the rest of this entry »

Europe: Barnier warns Member States to comply or potentially face action

In a follow up to the Green paper, the Internal EU Commissioner Michael Barnier at a speech to EU Parliament yesterday confirmed the European Commission’s intention to ‘effectively regulate and supervise online betting and gambling‘ at European level whilst respecting the principle of subsidiarity. Read the rest of this entry »

Belgium: an update on’s challenge to the blacklist

As recently announced, Friday 25 May 2012, the President of the Court of First Instance in Brussels heard the pleadings of the parties in the Bwin vs Belgium case, after Bwin had initiated interlocutory proceedings as a result of Bwin’s recent (9 May 2012) listing on the Belgian Gaming Commission’s blacklist and the blocking of the website as a result of it. Read the rest of this entry »

Belgium: takes aim at the licensing conditions

Belgium has forged ahead with a licensing system for online gambling that requires any licence holder to either already operate a land-based gambling business or partner with one that does, despite clear protests from the European Commission based on the allegedly discriminatory nature of such a requirement. Read the rest of this entry »

Europe: Digital Blockade

Will ISP blocking survive recent legal challenges to become an effective weapon against the black market?

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