Announcement of re-opening of the Spanish online gambling market

As anticipated in a previous blog entrance dated on 12 September, the DGOJ has just published in its website the draft call for tender.

As a main difference from previous call for tenders, is seems that the time frame for operators to file their licenses applications will be of one (1) year from the publication of the call for tender in the Official Gazette (it has not been published yet) instead of one (1) month. Nonetheless, the maximum time frame for the the DGOJ to resolve on the granting of the licenses will remain the same, that is to say six (6) months from the date the application was submitted.

In this sense, the sooner a license application is submitted the sooner said license could be obtained and therefore the game operated. The rest of the applicable requirements are very similar to the ones applied during the previous two call for tenders. We will keep you updated on this process.

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