UK: Betting on TV programmes: has the novelty worn-off

By Sean Godfrey and Verity Young

The Gambling Commission has issued a warning to operators who offer markets on pre-recorded TV shows such as the Great British Bake Off and Strictly Come Dancing and other novelty products following negative media reports around the integrity of such betting, causing damage to the wider perception of gambling in Great Britain.

The Commission states that due to social media and the rapid speed of communication today, it is all too easy for the outcome of television programmes to be known before the results are formally announced. Operators are therefore required to demonstrate a robust management of the associated risks in order to ensure they uphold the licensing objectives.

Licence holders, those occupying senior positions within licenced operators and PML holders responsible for marketing are specifically reminded that along with the expectations contained in the Statement of principles for licensing and regulation (March 2015) they are to: conduct their business with integrity, organise and control their affairs responsibly and effectively, and have adequate systems for keeping gambling fair and safe.

The Commission has threatened licence reviews should operators fail to uphold these standards.