New Polish Gambling Act – further speculation

Following a press conference on 2 April during which the Polish Minister of Finance announced that a draft of the new Polish Gambling Act should be ready by the end of the month, the media has been discussing how it may regulate gambling in Poland. There is a suggestion that the new regulations will be based on the Danish model and that it will include a gaming tax of (depending on the source) between 10% and 20% of GGR.

It is suspected that the new regulations will extend the list of permitted online gambling activities from online betting to include online poker (including live poker) and online casinos. It is expected that there will be a moderate fee for obtaining a gambling licence and that advertising and sponsoring rules will be liberalized. As well as providing an additional source for the Polish government to finance its family support program “500+” (PLN 500 monthly for each second and next child in a given family), the new law should also encourage gambling operators to spend more on sponsoring sport in Poland.

On the other hand, it is also speculated that the new law may introduce more effective measures to prevent Polish residents from using websites of unlicenced operators, such as IP blocking or payment blocking. Totalizator Sportowy (a state-owned company) would like to have a back-tax introduced for offshore operators as is the case in Romania.