Technical documentation required from online betting licence applicants

The Ministry of Finance has published information on its website about the technical documentation which should be presented by applicants applying for a Polish online betting licence.

According to the information published:

“The Gambling Activities Act does not contain a definition of the concept ‘technical documentation of a website’. The technical documentation should in principle have a relatively comprehensive, complete and exhaustive character. Considering the above, to make it easier for entities to submit an application requesting a permit, it is accepted that the technical documentation of a website (including an expert analysis) should in particular contain the following elements:

1) a list of elements of the system (physical, logical, functional outline, tabular list of servers, equipment etc.);

2) location of elements of the system (addresses of places where the elements of the system are, along with a short description of the location);

3) the flow of information between elements of the system (which elements are joined to which, in particular in operating on betting data);

4) equipment used (servers, disk matrices, safeguarding equipment, monitoring equipment etc.);

5) software used (operating systems, databases, application systems, CMS systems etc.), including its identification data, and particularly the producer’s data;

6) programming technologies used (Java, PHP, C/C++, etc.);

7) network and software security mechanisms (firewall, IPS, VPN, SSL, etc.);

8) mechanisms for creating spare copies, data archiving and restoration after a breakdown (equipment, carriers, copy creation policies, etc.);

9) archiving mechanisms in real time (manner of making copies, access, etc.);

10) physical security mechanisms (alarms, access control to server room, fire prevention systems, etc.);

11) mechanisms ensuring continuity of work (RAID matrices, air-conditioning, UPS, power generators, etc.).”

The link to the whole text of the information in Polish below is: