Poland: Modified amendment to the Polish Gambling Act – voting in the Senat next week

By Anna Wietrzyńska-Ciołkowska, Counsel, DLA Piper, Warsaw.

Further to our last post about the express mode of adopting the modified amendment to the Polish Gambling Act, there have been some further developments.

The legislative office of the Senat (the upper chamber of the Polish parliament) has announced a couple of amendments to the modified draft adopted in the Sejm (the lower chamber of the Polish parliament). However, they were not accepted by the Senat’s commission for budget and public finances at their last meeting on 23 June. The commission recommended the adoption of the modified amendment in the version originally adopted by the Sejm.

Voting on the modified amendment is scheduled for 8 July. If no amendments are added by the Senat, the modified draft will become final, and – after being signed by the president – it will become binding law within 14 days of publication. In the case of any amendments, the modified draft would have to be sent back to the Sejm for another vote. Since the new Polish president takes up office in August (and he is supported by the opposition party which was against the said amendment), it seems that the governing party will not risk extending the legislative process and will do its best to have it signed by the current president by the end of July.