Portugal: implementation of online gambling regulations imminent

By Antonio Moura Portugal, Partner, ABBC & Associados, Lisbon

Turismo de Portugal hosted a meeting yesterday (23 June) to discuss some technical aspects related with the new online gambling legal framework. There follows a summary of the main findings / conclusions from the meeting.

  • There is no limited number of licenses to be granted and that there is no specific period to apply for such licenses;
  • There are four different and autonomous licenses that may be requested: (i) games of chance (casino games); (ii) sporting bets (fixed odds); (iii) mutual/fixed odds horse betting; (iv) bingo;
  • The interested operators may apply for one or more licenses;
  • There is no “black list” of the non-licensed operators (only a list of all the licensed operators will be made available);
  • The game technical system shall be certified by entities included in a list which will be made available by Turismo de Portugal. After the certification, the game technical system should be tested and homologated by Turismo de Portugal.

Expectable timetable

  • 29.06.2015 –  the draft regulation with the game technical system requirements, rules of the games and requirements applicable to future certifying entities will be made available at Turismo de Portugal website;
  • Between 29.06.2015 and 13.07.2015 there will be a 10 days deadline for the operators or other interested parties to present suggestions to the draft (via email);
  • 7.08.2015: estimated date for the official publication of the final technical documentation;
  • 7.08.2015 onwards: the certifying entities may apply to be included in the list of the certifying entities; The list of the certifying entities should be published after 2/3 weeks (indicative term).
  • The interested operators may then certify the corresponding game technical systems with such entities and apply for licenses with Turismo de Portugal. Please note that the interested operators may apply for licenses before the game technical system is certified in order to begin the necessary analysis of other requirements in the scope of the licensing procedure. However, the procedure will only be concluded after the game technical system is certified by the entities included in the list to be published and homologated by Turismo de Portugal and the license is granted.
  • Meanwhile the specific form for applying for licenses shall be made available at Turismo de Portugal website;
  • The publication of the decree establishing the amount of the official fee is expected to be published next week (indicative term).

For further information contact a.portugal@abbc.pt