The Netherlands: Games of Chance Authority signs covenant with media operators

By Richard van Schaik and Róbin de Wit

Yesterday, the Dutch Games of Chance Authority (Kansspelautoriteit, “KSA”) reported that it agreed to cooperate with several media operators to make further arrangements with respect to the prevention of and fight against illegal games of chance advertisements. To that end, a covenant was concluded between the KSA and eight media operators. The KSA aims to expand the number of media participants in the near future.

The principle underlying the covenant is to contribute to safeguarding public interests, like the prevention of gambling addictions, the protection of consumers and combatting potential fraud and crime. Among others, arrangements have been made regarding blockages of advertising space in printed media, on the radio, tv and internet. This is a clear signal that advertising space will not be offered to illegal gambling operators by the participating media operators.