Romania: Steps forward in the amendment of gambling legislation

The Romanian state has made several steps forward in the process of amending Romanian gambling legislation.

As such, given that the amendments to the main gambling act were brought by way of a government emergency ordinance (“EGO 92/2014″), which entered into force on 13 February 2015, such act needs to be also passed via the Romanian Parliament who may approve it, approve it in an amended form or reject it.

The Senate, as first designated Chamber of the Romanian bicameral parliament, voted in favor of the law approving the EGO 92/2014 in its current form, disregarding the proposed amendments from the Senate Finance and Budget Commission.

Therefore, the law has been sent to the second Parliament Chamber – the Chamber of Deputies – who will put it under debate in the Chamber of Deputies Finance and Budget commission. The commission will make their proposals and will consequently submit the law of approval to the vote of the plenary session.

The Chamber of Deputies shall cast the decisional vote on the law for the approval of EGO 92/2014.

In what concerns the secondary legislation, on 9 April 2015 the Romanian state notified to the European Commission the implementation norms to the main gambling legislation act.

The standstill period is due to expire on 10 July 2015.

For the moment, the implementation norms are only available in Romanian version.

We will keep you updated as to any further developments.