Spain: Guidelines for biennial audits

The DGOJ (Spanish General Directorate for the Regulation of Gaming Activities) has published today through its website the Guidelines on the biennial audit for online licensed operators’ technical systems. Note that this will be the first time that operators which obtained their licenses back in June 2012 will have to carry out this biennial audit on their technical systems, being therefore the Guidelines published today of great importance for those licensed operators.

Operators will have a time period of six (6) months since there technical systems were homologated to carry out this biennial technical audit. Therefore operators which obtained their licenses on a provisional basis on June 2012 and there technical systems were afterwards homologated on April 2013 will have a six (6) month time period, starting now on April 2015 to submit to the DGOJ the biennial audit report.

The two documents published today are (i) the Guidelines containing the technical and operative instructions on how to develop this technical biennial audit, as well as format andminimun content of the audit report, and (ii) an Excel document containing the list of functionality requirements that shall be verified.