Spain: The Senate promotes the regulations of online gaming advertising

By: Paula González de Castejón

The long awaited Spanish Regulation on Responsible Advertising and  Online Gambling is currently undergoing a legislative process. All the political groups present in the Spanish Senate have recently brought a joint motion in order to request the Spanish Government to immediately start processing said Regulation.

The Spanish Senators apparently want to restrict ads in order better protect the most vulnerable sectors of the public (particularly minors). In this sense, the joint motion filed by them, requests the Spanish Government to:

1. Restrict times in which online gambling advertisements can be broadcasted. In addition, communications pertaining to online gambling should be forbidden from appearing in media specifically directed to minors, such as web pages or mobile applications.

2. The importance of awareness raising campaigns aimed at especially vulnerable sectors of the public, including minors, should be emphasized.

3. Sponsorship deals between online gambling operators and sports teams should be restricted.

4. It should be considered whether certain induction techniques for especially vulnerable members of the public, including minors, should be eliminated.

Although the regulatory authorities in charge of drafting this Regulation seem to agree on the importance of regulating this matter as soon as possible in order to protect the most vulnerable sectors of the public (particularly minors) and to promote responsible online gambling policies, some of the aspects of the aforementioned joint motion filed by the Spanish Senators should be subject to an in-depth analysis. In particular, those related to the restrictions on sponsorship deals with sports teams, in order to stop said restrictions from becoming a prohibition.

Since this matter has been brought to the Government’s attention through a joint motion in the Senate, the Government must report back in no more than six months. This means that we will probably have news on this subject before summer.