Betting Integrity: Study seeks to understand which betting products lie at the heart of the matter

An interesting study has just been published by the Asser Institute, which looks at whether any empirical evidence can be found to support the views expressed by certain gambling and sports regulatory bodies that the major cause of sports integrity issues is the ability for punters to particpate in “micro-bets”. These are the wagers that covers specific instances in games, such as number of corners, number of cards etc.

The study, which can be read here, challenges this view and suggests the overwhelming majority of betting integity issues appear to involve more “traditional” bets such as the final score.

At a time when more and more jurisdictions are contemplating regulating online betting for the first time and, when doing so, considering whether betting should be restricted at all in terms of its product offering, the report offers a useful, additional, point of reference for the debate.