The Netherlands: massive interest in Dutch remote gambling licenses


By Richard van Schaik (richard.vanschaik@dlapiper.com) and Róbin de Wit (robin.dewit@dlapiper.com)

As earlier announced, the Dutch Games of Chance Authority (“KSA”) called online gambling operators to express their interest in a future license for offering remote gambling in the Netherlands.

Already many online gambling operators have responded to this call. As much as 130 operators (among which established operators as well as start-ups) are eager to enter the Dutch gambling market and have expressed their interest in a future license. The KSA is overwhelmed by this great interest, now that it had counted on only 50 to 80 applications.

Meanwhile, it is still unknown how the Dutch remote gambling system will be implemented. The state secretary of Justice has sent legislative proposal to the House of Representatives for debates on the substance of the proposal, starting most likely early 2015. After the House of Representatives has passed the bill, it will be notified to the Senate for written debates and a plenary hearing. The moment the Senate has adopted the bill, it will be officially published and will come into force. Operators that wish to be active on the Dutch market can then apply for a license.