Poland: Polish Regulator threatens to prosecute players

By Anna Wietrzyńska-Ciołkowska, Counsel (DLA Piper, Warsaw).

On Tuesday, 18 November 2014, the Polish Ministry of Finance published an official announcement on its website warning Polish players that any online gambling games run by foreign operators without a valid Polish gambling license are prohibited, and that those who take part in these games will be prosecuted.

Link to the original communication (in Polish):


According to the Ministry of Finance, the Polish Regulator has information about more than 24,000 players who have been participating in overseas gambling, including 17,700 players who have won a total of PLN 27 million. The Regulator has already initiated more than 1,100 criminal investigations in this area, and further proceedings will be initiated against the players who have received the highest winnings.

To date, only persons involved in the promotion and marketing of foreign gambling operators have been prosecuted. Obtaining a database of players opens up a new chapter in the Polish Regulator’s attempt to liquidate this grey area of online gambling in Poland.

Polish gambling legislation is in a state of flux, with proposed amendments recently being notified to the European Commission.