Poland: Proposals to allow monopoly to offer online games

Pursuant to the Gambling Law dated 19 November 2009 (“Law”), the Polish government grants monopoly rights over number games, cash lotteries and telebingo. However, the Law does not specifically refer to the internet and the organisation of any such number games or lotteries is always subject to the approval of the Minister of Public Finances

On 12 November 2013, the Polish government submitted a notification to the European Commission in order to amend the Law, specifically allowing for the monopoly to provide the permitted games on the internet via a website approved by the Ministry. Coupled with this, the Polish government also proposes to protect players against the negative effects of gambling by requiring the monopoly to introduce a policy of responsible gambling.

In the grounds for submitting the amendment, the Polish government noted that its objectives were to create a “controlled the development of legitimate games with available distribution network…while maintaining control over the activities of a body pursuing an monopoly.

To access the European Commission notification please click here.