Sweden: Proposal for new rules for the protection of online gamblers

By Björn Collste and Christopher Büller

The Swedish Gambling Authority (Sw. Lotteriinspektionen) has recently published a  proposal for increased protection of online gamblers. In accordance with the proposal, gambling operators will be required to provide detailed information to the online gamblers regarding the organiser, risks, beneficiaries, Swedish Gambling Authority, help against addiction and other gambling related issues. Moreover, the proposal contains rules concerning increased education for employees working at gambling operators and routines for the prevention of cheating and other breaches of the terms of use.

The proposal has been sent out for consultation to entities providing online gambling under a Swedish licence and is planned to enter into force in 2014, provided that the European Commission gives its approval.

With the current Swedish gambling legislation, the proposal would mainly affect the non-profit associations, horse racing associations and the state-controlled entities that have obtained permits from the Swedish Gambling Authority. However, since the Swedish gambling legislation is currently under review, the proposal may also provide certain guidance on the requirements that will be imposed on other entities in the future.