Italy: customised sports bet rules approved!

Italian regulations governing the offering by Italian licensed operators of bets and events not included in the official schedule published by the gambling regulator, AAMS, has been published and from tomorrow it will be possible to have the offering of new types of bets and events approved by AAMS.

As previously discussed, this represents a major change for the Italian sportsbetting sector whose offering has been constrained for several years by regulatory restrictions allowing to place bets only on events and types of bets included in the official schedule published by AAMS. Now sportsbetting operators will be able to offer the same types of bets/events available on their .COM platforms also on Italian licensed platforms. And this will represent a major advantage especially for foreign operators that have a much more consolidated experience in the sector. Also, they will be entitled to certify the results of events on their own rather that waiting for AAMS’ confirmation which would allow a much faster payment of winnings and a better betting experience.

But there are some further good news, the additional 0.5% tax on customised bets prescribed by the initial draft regulations has been removed and operators have been allowed to offer also bets on horse racing events provided that they are not included in the AAMS official schedule.

Licensed entities will be entitled from tomorrow to file the applications for the approval of their customised bets/events and indeed a very strict approval process for each type of customised bet/event and for the platform certifying the results of events has been set up. The race for the approval has already started as on the 25th of August the Italian football championship will commence and everyone wants to be ready.

It will be an exciting summer for the Italian gaming market and as usual feel free to contact me, Giulio Coraggio (giulio.coraggio@dlapiper.com), if you need any assistance.