Belgium: Bet-at-Home v. Belgium update

Last Monday (17 December 2012) Bet-at-Home and the Belgian State pleaded before the President of Brussels’s Court of First Instance in a case initiated by Bet-at-Home attacking Belgium’s much discussed blacklisting practice.

Worthwhile noting is that bwin.party, which previously already directly attacked Belgium’s blacklisting practices before the same Court, had also voluntarily intervened in the present proceedings which allowed it to invoke its own arguments against the Belgian State again. However, bwin.party announced during the hearing of last Monday that it wishes no longer to take part in and that it withdrew from proceedings.

The remaining parties pleaded for about three hours and the verdict of the President is expected sometime in mid-January 2013. This means the court will have to put up some effort as the parties have invoked many arguments which will require a motivation explaining why the judge has either agreed or disagreed with such arguments.

As soon as the verdict has been made public, a summary and analysis will be made available on this blog.

In the meantime, should you have any further questions, please contact Patrick.Vaneecke@dlapiper.com or Antoon.Dierick@dlapiper.com