Italy: New Remote Bingo Regulations notified to the EC

New Italian remote bingo draft regulations have been finally notified to the European Commission after a long wait by the entire market.

Italian remote bingo regulations have been subject of relevant discussions during the last year as they are based on land-based regulations and therefore contain a number of restrictions preventing online operators from offering all the bingo variants available on their .COM platforms.

However, the long wait seems to have reached an end as AAMS has notified to the European Commission the new bingo draft regulations which seem to be based on the same rationale of poker and casino regulations allowing a much higher level of flexibility in the offering of the game.

Indeed they provide for a certification of the platform, of the RNG and of the games by an independent third party. Also, they do not contain any relevant restrictive provision in relation to the mechanic of the game which should allow bingo operators to launch the bingo variations currently offered on their foreign platform and prescribe a minimum price per card of € 0.01 and a maximum price of € 10 that might meet the needs of bingo operators which prefer a “soft game” approach.

Also, reference is made in the draft decree to some guidelines that AAMS is expected to issue together with the final version of the decree but according to the information currently available they should reproduce those applicable to casino and poker games.

The review of the European Commission will last up to the 12th November 2012 and if no issues are raised the final version of the bingo regulations is likely to come into force shortly after.

This is a very good news for the remote bingo market that has seen a reduction in the turnover of 27.7% compared to 2011 mainly due to the launch of cash poker and casino games. Also, this change might further boost online slot games that will be launched on the 3rd December 2012 as slot games usually operate as side games of bingo games.

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