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GLOBAL: GDPR – One Year to Go!

It is one year to the day until the European General Data Protection Regulation comes in to force. The clock is now ticking to fines of up to 4% of total worldwide annual revenue for failing to comply with the requirements of the EU GDPR. To assist your organisation with preparing for 25 May 2018 we have developed a suite of useful tools.














Explore GDPR Mobile App

  • Our Explore GDPR mobile app is now available for downloading from both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The app has been developed to make the text of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) easily accessible. It not only provides the full Regulation text but is also fully searchable and links each article to each of the relevant recitals. In addition, articles from the EU GDPR are linked to corresponding articles from its predecessor, the EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC.

GDPR Microsite

  • We maintain a dedicated GDPR microsite where you can find useful information to help you learn about the EU GDPR – what it covers, the impact it is likely to have on organisations across different sectors, actions to take now to prepare, as well as regular updates and information on our webinars and events. You will also find our summary Guide to the GDPR which many organisations find to be a helpful quick guide to the key requirements of the GDPR.

Data Protection Officer Training Academy

  • We have developed a Data Protection Officer Training Academy aimed at IT, compliance and legal professionals, or those taking on the role of Data Protection Officer. The course provides practical, interactive guidance on how to establish and manage compliance as a DPO, consistent with the many requirements of the GDPR.

Data Privacy Scorebox

  • Our Data Privacy Scorebox is an online tool to help you assess your data protection maturity level. It requires completing a survey covering areas such as storage of data, use of data, and customers’ rights. Once completed, a report summarising your organisation’s alignment with 12 key areas of global data protection is produced. The report also includes a practical action point check list and peer benchmarking data.

Data Protection Laws of the World Guide

  • Our Data Protection Laws of the World Guide offers a succinct overview of the areas of data protection law that have the most practical significance to businesses. The Handbook covers over 90 jurisdictions.

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