JAPAN: Supreme Court rules on “right to be forgotten”

Despite signs in recent years that a so-called “right to be forgotten” had been introduced in Japan, the Supreme Court of Japan has recently refused to enforce such a right against a search engine in Japan, thus questioning just how far this right exists and extends in Japan. In a landmark case in October 2014, …

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UK: Implementation of the Network and Information Security Directive

By Ross McKean (Partner, London) and Linzi Penman (Associate, Edinburgh) With the annual cost of cybercrime and cyber espionage to the world economy estimated in the hundreds of billions of dollars and accusations from various Western governments and law enforcement agencies that a sustained campaign of cyber-attacks targeting democracy and critical infrastructure is being carried out …

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HONG KONG: new guidance on privacy protections for IoT

Those involved in the IoT industry in Asia should take note that data protection compliance can no longer be ignored in favour of rapid technological and market opportunities. Even though many data protection laws – including in Hong Kong – were drafted in the days of filing cabinets, cutting edge technologies in today’s digital world …

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DLA Piper Italy and AIGI event on the General Data Protection Regulation

DLA Piper Italy and AIGI will run an event on how the General Data Protection Regulation will impact the business of companies on 16 February 2017.

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Europe: Artificial Intelligence, what can we learn from the GDPR?

Connected devices that exchange substantial volumes of data come with some obvious data protection concerns. Such concerns increase when dealing with artificial intelligence or other devices/robots that autonomously collect large amounts of information and learn though experience. Although there are not (yet) specific regulations on data protection and artificial intelligence (AI), certain legal trends can …

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UK: Government Outlines Strategy for Post-Brexit Data Transfers and Privacy Standards

The UK Government has today published a white paper setting out its approach to the forthcoming negotiations on exiting the European Union, and its vision for a ‘post-Brexit’ settlement.  In a chapter entitled ‘Ensuring free trade with European markets’, the white paper outlines the Government’s intention to retain data protection standards in the UK which …

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China: China data protection update (Jan 2017)

Guidance on who is a “key information infrastructure operator” under the PRC Cybersecurity Law, and draft regulations on handling minors’ data In the rapidly evolving data protection compliance environment in the People’s Republic of China, this month has seen some helpful clarification around two areas of uncertainty – namely:  some further indications as to whom …

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Data Protection Day 2017!

At DLA Piper we pride ourselves in providing the insights, tools and know how you need to plan ahead and manage change in a privacy landscape that is constantly evolving. With publication of the final text of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in April 2016, many organisations are now actively looking ahead to a …

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Upcoming European Internet of Things rules, time for the industry to show the right route!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is getting regulated through the draft European ePrivacy privacy regulation and the revised database and product liability directives, but is this good news?

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The Netherlands: almost 5500 data breaches notified in 2016

By Richard van Schaik and Róbin de Wit The Dutch Personal Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, “AP”) revealed that almost 5500 data breaches have been notified since the legislation on mandatory data breach notification duties entered into force on 1 January 2016. Pursuant to this legislation, it is mandatory for all types of data controllers …

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