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UK: Ofcom reviews the TV programme production sector

By Chris Wall Following Ofcom’s third review of public service broadcasting earlier this year, the Secretary of State has asked Ofcom to carry out a review of the operation of the television programme production sector. Ofcom reports that television programme production generates annual revenues of roughly £3 billion and an increase in the consolidation of …

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AUSTRALIA: Courts not siding with ‘Pitchsider’

A British man banned from attending Cricket Australia (CA) matches for allegedly ‘pitchsiding’ at three ‘Big Bash League’ matches held in late December 2014 has indicated that he intends to challenge the legality of the ban. ‘Pitchsiding’ or ‘courtsiding’ is the practice of placing in-play bets at the venues of live sporting matches to exploit …

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Media, Sport & Entertainment Webinars 2014: Television Signal Piracy

Media, Sport & Entertainment Webinars 2014 Television signal piracy Wednesday 23 April 2014 3.00 – 4.00 pm BST We are delighted to invite you to the second of our series of 1 hour webinars. This webinar will focus on Television signal piracy. Signal piracy has been described by many of our clients as their single biggest threat. DLA …

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Ofcom Confirms Terms for New Channel 4 Licence

Ofcom has announced that Channel 4’s public service broadcasting licence will be renewed for a 10-year period following the expiry of the current licence at the end of 2014. The licence will be for 10 years – its terms remain unchanged, with the exception that Ofcom has tripled Channel 4’s quota for programmes produced outside …

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Media, Sport and Entertainment Webinar series 2014

DLA Piper is recognised as a world leading Media, Sport and Entertainment practice. This year, we mark our commitment to advising our clients seamlessly across borders through a variety of new publications and events for our clients and friends. We are delighted to invite you to our series of 1 hour webinars, focussing on current …

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EU: Commission commences antitrust proceedings into film distribution

By Patrick Mitchell and Sam Churney The European Commission (the “Commission”) has initiated formal antitrust proceedings to assess various licensing agreements between European Pay-TV broadcasters and major US Film studios for broadcasting by satellite or through online streaming. The Commission will evaluate the extent to which provisions within such licensing agreements that grant “absolute territorial …

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German Federal High Court underlines the legality of a linkage between a consumer’s purchase and his/her participation in a raffle

According to its press release, the German Federal High Court (“BGH”) decided on 12 December 2013 (1 ZR 192/12) that Haribo was allowed to advertise raffles in which only customers who bought specific products were allowed to participate. Moreover, the BGH held the respective TV commercial to be legal as it did not merely address …

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TV Catchup allowed to continue reduced service – but questions remain

By Jonathan Salt and John Cloke The High Court has ordered streaming service TV Catchup (TVC) to drop over 20 channels aired by ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and pay eighty per cent of the broadcasters’ costs of the action, following a decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (the CJEU), …

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TV company liable for host’s defamatory comments

The Italian Supreme Court held that a TV company was liable for the defamatory comments from the host of one of their TV programs because they did not exercise the requested monitoring activity on him. Share this

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European Court upholds UK list of “crown jewel” TV events

On 18 July the Court of Justice of the European Union (the “CJEU”) handed down its judgement in FIFA and UEFA’s on-going struggle around the listing of the World Cup and European Championships as free-to-air events. Earlier this year we reported on the opinion of the Advocate General in the dispute, which recommended that FIFA …

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