Pro Bono internship at DLA Piper

Our firm is committed to using our resources to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate and to the protection of human rights around the world. As such, we have developed a vast international pro bono practice in parallel to our commercial work.

Our pro bono practice involves our lawyers in providing free legal support to individuals and non-profit organisations around the world. One of the core focus areas of our pro bono practice is securing access to justice for displaced persons.

We believe that the legal profession has an important role to play in providing assistance to displaced persons. More lawyers working together on strategic and coordinated efforts and armed with better skills will increase access to justice and support better policies for displaced persons globally.

In line with our focus on displaced persons, we are launching, in cooperation with Pro Bono Connect, New Dutch Connections and the Syria Legal Network-NL a new signature internship program in our Amsterdam office for lawyers and law students who have been forced to relocate from their countries of origin due to conflict, persecution or environmental disaster.

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