New regulation on DTT frequencies allocation

The AGCOM approved yesterday a regulation on DTT frequencies (multiplex) allocation.

As you may recall from our previous post the regulation is the result of a consultation process that involved various stakeholders and the European Commission.

According to the new regulation 3 multiplexes will be made available for 20 years. No operator is allowed to hold more than 5 muxes and operators holding 3 or more muxes cannot participate to the bid.Moreover, in order to guarantee a free market competition, new entrants or “small” operators (holding only 1 mux) can bid for all the 3 muxes, while operators holding 2 muxes can bid for 2 of the 3 reserved muxes.Operators active through other platforms can bid for only 1 mux.

The Ministry (Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico) is now requested to approve the bid.

Will this new regulation finally solve the DTT frequencies saga?  Let me know if you want to discuss the topic (giulia.zappaterra@dlapiper.com).