Connected devices and the Internet of Things: What insurers need to know

Connected insurance is not only about data protection (see here our previous post). When dealing with connected devices and technologies, it is obviously necessary to fully assess the device, including its marketability standards.


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Follow-us – Cybersecurity – Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli – 4:00 PM 18 October 2017

Follow-us tomorrow at 4:00 PM  for the seminar on Cybersecurity and Big Data. The seminar has been organised by the GIOIN – Gasperini Open Innovation Network and will be held at the Fondazione Agnelli in Turin. We will address GDPR and cybersecurity, including data governance and practical suggestions. Read the rest of this entry »


On 2 October 2017, the Italian Council of Ministers approved a new Legislative Decree (“Decree“), aimed at ensuring a wider protection to EU (and Italian) works in the audiovisual media services (“AVMS“) sector. A brief outline of the new provisions is set out below.
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Data, insurance and GDPR: how firms can meet the challenges

The insurance market is changing rapidly, driven by shifting customer expectations and technological progress. The Internet of Things and connected devices are transforming the industry, for instance with the increasing usage of telematics for motor insurance, wearable technologies and m-health apps for health insurance, and smart appliances and devices for home insurance. At the same time, customers expect to be always connected with their insurers, with new apps and tools that facilitate a smooth interaction.
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The role of the data protection officer according to the Italian privacy authority

The role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and what requirements needs to meet has now been partially clarified by the Italian privacy authority. Read the rest of this entry »

Le sfide della cybersecurity nell’era del regolamento privacy europeo


Il cyber risk al tempo del regolamento privacy europeo sarà l’argomento di un seminario che abbiamo organizzato il 12 ottobre 2017. Read the rest of this entry »

Is your customers’ data protected from your employees?

Access by employees to customers’ data has to be subject to stringent privacy restrictions and limitations according to a decision of the Italian data protection authority. Giulio Coraggio Read the rest of this entry »

Italian online gaming licenses coming very soon

The tender for Italian online gaming licenses might be launched very soon and companies interested to it shall get ready. Giulio Coraggio Read the rest of this entry »

Criminal reports of employees might become a privacy “bomb”

A decision of the Italian privacy authority on the illegal collection of data on criminal convictions of employees raised the issue on a practice that is quite common.Giulio Coraggio Read the rest of this entry »

Virtual currency gets regulated under anti-money laundering laws

Virtual currency for the 1st time falls under Italian anti-money laundering law with the decree implementing the European 4th AML Directive.Giulio Coraggio Read the rest of this entry »

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