The future of gaming video terminals after Supreme Court decision

The Italian Supreme Court held that it is possible for shops to place video terminals (the so called “totem”) connecting to Italian online gaming licensed platforms under the regime in force before the implementation of the new licensing regime. Given the potential benefits for online gaming operators deriving from this practice, this circumstance created a major interest in the market.

Indeed, this matter has always been a very hot topic of debate between online gaming operators that do not want to be prevented from offering their games also through land-based channels of communication and land-based operators that see such practice as a potential harm for them.

The Italian Supreme Court held that the regime in force in 2010 did not prohibit such practice, but this regime has then been then followed by the implementation of the new Italian licensing regime and by the so called Balduzzi decree that no only introduced new gambling advertising regulations, but also regulated the offering of remote games through terminals in public places.

Is it possible to place gaming terminals or even mere tablets connecting to an online gaming licensed platform in shops, restaurants, bars etc.? It will be interesting to see the position of the Italian gambling regulator on the matter as well as the approach taken by operators on such topic. Indeed, in a sector that has been subject of considerable regulatory developments the current uncertainty is not beneficial to the market.

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