AGCOM: procedure for the approval of the guidelines on centralized sale of media rights on 2013/14 professional soccer season begins!

Last Tuesday 11 June 2013 AGCOM announced the beginning of the procedure to approve the guidelines issued by the Lega Calcio for the sales of media rights on next Italian professional soccer season 2013/14.


Within next 19 June 2013 the communication operators which have a direct, immediate and real interest on the proceeding of approval of such guidelines will have the possibility to file information, documents and written briefs before AGCOM.


Guidelines issued by the Lega Calcio will govern the marketing of media rights, the criteria to form packages of media rights and, generally speaking, all the rules to allow the communication operators to participate to a transparent and not discriminatory competition in order try and obtain the media rights they would like to exploit.


If you want to know more about this procedure, feel free to contact me gianluigi.marino@dlapiper.com.