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Update on costs in the new Unified Patenting System

According to latest rumors, the new patenting system in Europe (introduction of the Unitary Patent based on EU Regulations No. 1257/2012 (UPR) and No. 1260/2012 (UPTR) will start in 2017. One key aspect for the success of the new system relates to the patenting costs compared to the current European patenting system. Until today, the …

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Jurisdiction of Unified Patent Court extends to non EU countries

As a new significant development in the new court system to be established, the jurisdiction of the Unified Patent Court shall extend even to non EU countries. This is due to several amendments to the “long arm jurisdiction provision” which was introduced by the Brussels I Regulation and extended by EU Regulation No. 1215/2012. These …

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10 Things you need to know (and do!) about the European Unified Patent Court

In order to prepare for the upcoming Unified Patent Court, this list provides a quick look at the Top 10 Things you need to know. Share this:TwitterEmailFacebookLinkedIn