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Federal Labor Court rulings to watch in 2017 (edition Jan – March)

Already in the first quarter of the New Year Germany’s Federal Labor Court will deliver a number of judgments important for advisors and practitioners alike: Time Credits for works council members? (- docket no 7 AZR 224/15 – expected for 18 January 2017- ) Although members of a works council act in an honorary role …

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Investigations by a Detective create (not only) Data Privacy Issues

The Higher Labour Court of Baden-Württemberg (Landesarbeitsgericht Baden-Württemberg, docket number 4 Sa 61/15) decided on 4 July 2016 that the employer´s instruction of a private detective to investigate its suspicion of unlawful behaviour of its employee infringed German data privacy rules. The detective´s findings must not be used as evidence of the employee´s breach of …

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Financial compensation entitlement for post-contractual non-compete based on standard saving clause

In German law, a post-contractual non-competition agreement with an employee is only effective if it provides the employee with appropriate financial compensation. The financial compensation must amount to at least 50% of the previous income. If no such compensation is provided, the post-contractual non-competition clause is, by force of law, invalid.   Nevertheless, the Hamm …

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